About Us

Steele Magnolia Designs was founded in January of 2018 by Shanna Steele.  Shanna worked in the bead and jewelry supply industry for about a decade.  She was an instructional jewelry designer who later became a purchasing and product manager.  Her work has been featured in beading magazines close to two dozen times and she was named Designer of the Year by Beadwork magazine in 2018.


It wasn't until 2016 that Shanna began selling her jewelry.  The thought had crossed her mind before, but she had no clue how to begin.  After she had a few shows under her belt, she realized that she really enjoyed meeting other artisans and chatting with customers; in fact, several of her designs have been inspired by the people she has met in the past few years.  Many people follow her on Facebook and Instagram and come to see her newest works at shows in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but she still gets asked - multiple times per event - whether or not she has a website.

When Shanna found out she was going to be named Designer of the Year, she decided she needed to create a site for people to peruse her designs.  After the response to the kits for her Tucson Vista necklace, Shanna knew she had to provide a way for people to make some of her favorite designs.  She wrote up a dozen best-selling different projects and posted them in kit form.  But what about the people who wanted to buy jewelry, not make it?  They can do that here too.  Steele Magnolia Designs was born as a "make it or take it" website.  Those who want to learn can come here to find new patterns and inspiration; those who want to buy something they have seen online or at a show can do that, too.  It's a win-win situation!

As of this writing, Shanna Steele is a sole proprietor of Steele Magnolia Designs.  She works from home and handles every aspect of her business, from design to photography to content to social media.  When she is not working, Shanna enjoys spending time with friends and family (especially her son), reading, and relaxing.

To see more of her work and the evolution of her brand, check out Facebook and Instagram: