Wholesale Purchasing

Steele Magnolia Designs is happy to announce that wholesale pricing will now be available to boutique owners (and other interested retailers).

Generally speaking, what you will receive in your first wholesale order will be my bestselling bracelets - Second Skin and Starlight - along with the matching earrings.

You will receive six colorways of each bracelet, for a total of 12 bracelets.  You will also receive one pair of earrings designed to match each bracelet for a total of 12 pair of earrings.

The pricing for this starter package is $300 and is due upon ordering the product. 

Once the initial order is placed, we can discuss other pieces that may be eligible candidates for wholesale.  For example, the bird necklaces and earrings pictured below are ideal candidates for wholesale customers.


Of course, custom designs tailored to meet your store's clientele and sense of style are always welcome.  

For more information or to get started as a wholesale customer, please contact shanna@steelemagnoliadesigns.com with information about your business and any and all applicable links to your website and social media platforms.

I look forward to hearing from you!